In our professional we produce scale models of every type of scale model boat

Production proccess



Using plans, photographs, catalogues, drawings etc. we can begin the project, we prepare all the documentation to the scale the customer requires. The shape is totally hand built, from the initial construction of the model we use where possible the same materials as the original. Our intention is to follow the same construction process as the original.



The hull is constructed in wood or Polyester, depending on the original. Next using traditional techniques the keel frame is covered in wooden strips to form the shape. This is then covered in plaster or foam to form a negative mold. This is then used to construct the hull using laminated glass fibre and resin to obtain the hull shape.



The deck and Superstructure is mounted using thin planks of wood or PVC. We use wood and PVC as this material permits us to shape and cut easily, and shape the material using heat. The hull base is then non porous and ideal for painting.



When the hull and superstructure are being finished, and the joints are filled, and the model is sufficiently perfect it is ready for painting. The model is then painted in the colours required. In the case of wooden ships they are varnished to the same original finish.



In completing the model we pay particular attention to the details, of the roof, masts, winches, steering wheels, davits, rafts etc. We use a diverse range of materials, wood, aluminium, PVC, copper, stainless steel, etc. The more details supplied by the client the better. This can be in the form of photographs or drawing etc, this is the stage when the personalisation of the modeltakes place.


Display mount

• When the model is complete it is possible to have it mounted for display. The mounts can be constructed in wood or Polycarbonate, which ever the client wishes. It is also possible to have a plate made of brass to be engraved with the name of the vessel or a dedication. We also supply display Polycarbonate covers to protect the model from dust or accidents

Whe the model is finished and ready for delivery. we send a photographs of the model for your approval. The model is then packed in a suitable container ready for delivery.