Building models of J80

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Models of the J80

Due to the latge number of inquiries received for the construction of models of J80 sailboat, we have taken the decision to perform a series of plays, with the intention of getting a reasonable price for this type of boat. The idea is to build different versions, each of about 30 cms. of length:

- Half boat, half helmet with its corresponding cover, keel and rudder, mounted on a natural wood ceiling.
- Full boat, complete model hull, deck, keel and rudder, presented on a natural wood base.
- Full scale model, like the previous version but with mast, boom, stanchions, winches, . . . . With most of the details presented on a natural wood base.

In all three versions will have the ability to customize, with the ship’s name, the sponsor, with the original colors, . . .

We believe that with these three versions can cover different needs at different levels, such as racing trophies, gifts, promotion to the sponsors or the whim of the owner.